There is no simpler platform to work with in order to create an online store then Shopify. This leading ecommerce solution offers you so many features, like SSL, hosting, to name a couple, that can make launching your store way easier then you think. When it comes to the design, Shopify has dozens of amazing premium ecommerce themes that you can choose from, and in this article we will introduce you to three of them.

1. Fashionpolism

This premium ecommerce theme is probably the most photo-oriented one that you can get, so if that’s the type of look you are going for then this theme is perfect for you. The theme comes with four different styles which are all geared towards helping you sell products based on the photos and product categories that you add. Each of the available homepages uses a large full screen photo and it comes with call-to-action buttons that are optional. There is also the option for you to use some of the theme’s amazing animation effects which can only help you draw your customers in even more. When it comes to choosing the style that fits you best, with Fashionpolism you get the choice between four styles: Empire, which is very chick and trendy, while being simple at the same time; Popup Shop, which has a much simpler homepages and a much greater focus on product listings; Secret Sales, which is perfect if you want your site to be colourful and full of life; and Galleria, which is by far the most professional-looking style.

2. Retina

This is the perfect premium ecommerce theme to go for if you want something that is different and non-traditional. This theme also comes with four different styles, each one slightly different from the one before. Austin is the default style that the theme comes with and it uses individual page sections that are organized by product categories. Melbourne is definitely the one that fees the brightest, since is it the most colourful one and it has the most fun style. Montreal is similar to Austin, but it has slightly different colours as well as homepage widgets, and finaly Amsterdam is for people that prefer a more techie, hipster kind of vibe.

3. Pipeline

If you are looking for a premium ecommerce theme that has a progressive design, then this is the way to go. This theme uses broad full screen page sections in order to break up the content, and all of the sections also use background photos. There is also a full Instagram feed where you can easily embed your Instagram photos, in real time, and this is excellent and a huge step for any online store that also has an Instagram account, especially if it’s one that has many followers. Something that we have to mention about this theme is that if you don’t have many large photographs, or simply don’t like the look of them, then this isn’t the best choice With options and features like the ones that these premium ecommerce themes offer, it’s easy to see why Shopify is the leading ecommerce solution. These are only a few of the premium themes that they offer, and it is up to you to simply figure out which one is the best one for you.




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