Something that a lot of website or ecommerce owners don’t realize is the importance that the design of their page carries. The design element actually has the power to make or break your business since it is pretty much the first impression that the customers get and it can make the difference between your sales dropping and increasing. Since Shopify is the leading ecommerce website solution, going for an ecommerce theme made for them makes perfect sense and in this article we will introduce you to a few of them.


This ecommerce theme for Shopify comes to you fully packed with over thirteen different variants, along with listing, product page, shopping cart and blog variants, all of them boasting incredibly striking layouts. Another great thing about this theme is that it is a very flexible one that also makes a great impact, so if that is something you are looking for then this is the perfect theme for you. There are also lots of great features such as formatting for Google rich snippets, an Instagram widget for selling via social media, custom tabs, and many, many more.


The ecommerce theme for Shopify called Jasper is one that uses its six essential layouts that it combines with full-width or boxed variants, in order to help you build a variety of different themes that you can use as possibilities. Something that makes this theme stand out are the many interesting page options that it comes with, as well as a wide range of widgets including mailing list popups, scrolling reveals, product quick view, just to name a few. Using these features helps with adding some motion to the overall design of your website, which is always a good thing.


An interesting fact about this ecommerce theme is that it is the winner of Envato’s Most Wanted competition for June 2016, and since then the theme has moved to being Shopify’s biggest and best selling one. This is no surprise since it comes equipped with a whopping 22 premade layouts on which you have the option to play around with the various headers, footers and checkout variants until you come up with something that suits your store.

Running an ecommerce is something that a lot of people find intriguing, but it can be a very exhausting thing. Just by designing a good looking website, you can make sure to create the best ecommerce possible, and using one of these ecommerce themes for Shopify can definitely be of great help when going through the process.

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